Thursday, November 19, 2015

The biblical impact of music + $100 giveaway: An interview with J.Monty

When I stumbled upon this viral video with over 2.4 MILLION views (about 1 million at the time,) I immediately became a J.Monty fan. I bought his album shortly after and let's just say...R.I.P to the assignment I was working on that night. I was able to talk to J. Monty and ask him about his new album, Second Born. Below is part two of the conversation. If you missed part one, check it out here. *Naturally, it wouldn't be HollyLooYa if I don't include some of my reactions as well. (see: between paragraphs)
Holly: I read somewhere that the video for 100 bars pt. 3 took over a year to make and you had to drive to Massachusetts from Atlanta, you must've been extremely tired.
Holly: How did you know the specific vision for the video was worth holding onto?

J. Monty: [Laughs] I didn’t know. There were plenty of times that I wanted to just give up. I actually grew completely sick of the concept. When it first came to me it was fresh I was like, “Oh my goodness, people need to hear this!” But a few months in, a few checks gone all the way to Massachusetts...I’ll never see em again. All of the thousands of dollars spent, all of the pain that me and my wife went through, I was like, "this isn’t even worth it." I wanted to give up. It was God who would not let me throw in the towel. He kept reminding me, He kept waking me up with that conviction in my Spirit, but I wanted to give up a long time ago. So, I didn’t know. That’s my answer.

Holly: I read that “Second Born” is about being born again, not about being the second born child in the family line necessarily. Are you the second born?

J.Monty: Yeah, I’m the second  born. So it works both ways.

H: Name something notable in your everyday life that has changed since you were born again?

J: Something that I noticed, that’s notable everyday, is actually...conviction. I feel convicted about things that before I was born again, I could care less about. I would do certain things, I would have certain thoughts and I would just be happy doing whatever I wanted to do. As everyone knows, there is temptation everywhere, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been saved, nobody’s perfect.
But since I’ve been saved, I actually have convictions now and I actually feel bad if my heart wants to go a certain way, if my heart wants to stray. And there was time when that stuff just did not matter to me. So probably conviction of my sin. Or an awareness of my sin for that matter.

H: As a musician, do you have any insight or revelation on why music has such a strong impact on us?

J: I wish I had a bit more insight on it. But I will say this much, music, even psychologically, is just proven to have a deep impact on people. There are people who are like vegetables, they are almost brain dead and they’re in rehab, for example, trying to build themselves up. And they can’t talk, they can’t move, they can’t do anything. But if you play a certain song from their childhood, they know all the words. They can’t remember their own name, they can’t remember their own children, they can’t remember anything. Like people with Alzheimer's can’t remember their own children or their own name, but if you just play a song that meant a lot to them, play their favorite song, they can sing along right with you. Music is a lot more powerful than I think people want to recognize. And it’s easy for people to just kind of gloss over it and be like “music ain’t powerful, it’s all about the beats.” Because honestly music has transitioned to a plastic place where cats get in the studio and don’t even write stuff they just get behind the mic and young thug it out. And it’s just super simple so people are like “nah man music doesn’t do all of that” but really it does, it’s extremely powerful. When you think about the fact that David was able to chase Saul's demons away by playing the harp. He would literally be able to shake those demons out of Saul, who would be in a trance and wanted to harm David, just by playing a song. Music is extremely powerful, it has really, really deep spiritual connections.
Babies start showing signs in the womb if you play a song and put headphones up to their mom’s stomach, they start getting excited. Music connects with infants who are oblivious to what is going on in the world, music is just something that connects with all human beings. I think at the end of the day, it is as at the core of our very being. I think it is a part of our DNA, like it’s just embedded in all of us and that’s why it’s one of the most powerful industries in the world, because that’s something that everybody needs. Nobody can say that they don’t listen or need some kind of music.

J. Monty is an up and coming Christian Hip-Hop artist out of Atlanta, Ga.
known for his versatility, lyrical ability, and insane flow.
Second Born can be found on:

Google Play

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