Monday, December 21, 2015

10 Facts That Prove Jesus is the Best Best-Friend Ever

1. You can be completely vulnerable with Him. 

Not only does God allow you to fully open up to Him, He encourages it. Your average best friend will accept your vulnerability, but we still only share what we are comfortable sharing. We usually won't reveal all our deepest secrets to one person. With Jesus, you have that liberty.

2. He already knows everything we could possibly tell Him.

Unlike other friends, Christ already knows everything about us, He even knows our thoughts. When we truly grasp this, it becomes surprisingly easy to tell Him everything we are going through. There is no pressure to hide anything.

3. He won’t stop fighting for us until we are free.

He wants to carry our burdens. The areas we struggle the most, are exactly where God will get the most glory. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Until we overcome those issues, God will not allow us to live comfortably with the negative consequences of our sin.

4. His burden is light.

It would be too heavy for a friend.

5. He is the perfect hiding place.

 When the world feels like it’s crumbling down...or even when it’s going great but you still end up overwhelmed, He is a secret place. A place to release everything. 

6. He will never embarrass you.

Your friends may walk away and leave you stranded. Or even convince you to do something very...interesting. But when Jesus calls you deeper, His intentions are always pure.

7. You never have to be afraid.

 Fear comes in many different forms, inability to trust people, insecurity about our lives or simply worrying something bad will happen. God literally refutes every thought that contradicts His feels. So fear doesn't stand a chance.

8. He already knows the outcome of every possible action.

What friend can honestly say this? He already warned us which actions will lead to shameful or awkward results (i.e. Sin) and He is in the business of guiding your steps elsewhere.

9. He is your father.

The father your father wasn’t. The perfect example for a child who is traveling through the journey of life.

10. He is always there.

No one else can say this. No one.

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