Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 signs you are a radical Christian

Miracles, signs, wonders, speaking in tongues, deep words like "revival."

How do you know someone is a radical Christian? I put together a list to help you spot a radical Christian anywhere.

 5 signs you are a radical Christian 


1. You feel conviction.

You know that feeling when you do something that seems pretty legit at the time, but turns out didn't really please God. Sometimes it takes a little while to hit you, other times you feel it right away.

That, my friend, is conviction. Conviction is a blessing. It is a sure sign that you hear God's voice and if you think about it…that's pretty radical.

2. You spend time with God.

You're busy. Very busy. You love God, but when the time comes to pray and read your Word it's like a million time sensitive things come up.

And spending time with God when you have an exam coming up or a baby to take care of…

But not you. You refuse to listen to the voice of the enemy. You know you can never be too busy for God. At this moment, everything else can wait. Nothing matters more.

When the whole world is knocking at your door, you only answer for God. Now you gotta admit…that's pretty radical.

3. You fall short.

The idea of taking a big risk can be really scary. There is so much to lose. So many mistakes to make. So many opportunities to…fall.

But God says he wants to transform us into His image, from glory to glory [2 Cor. 2:18.] And sometimes moving to the next level requires stepping out on faith…even it that means falling a few times.

4. You pray.

Nothing screams "radical" like a person who prays.

When you pray you prove that you trust God to follow through with His promises. You believe that prayer actually works and you are allowing God to bring Himself closer to you.

5. You repent.

When you feel conviction (with ya radical self!) you repent.

Repentance is the key to salvation. Repenting means humbling yourself and admitting you were wrong.   Even if you're "never" wrong.

Repentance doesn't always mean you are publicly humiliated, repentance can be something only you and God know about.

But repentance leads you to change from the core. It allows God to become alive in you all over again and I have no idea, but I think that might be revival.


  1. I'm so radicalllllllll .... Sike nah very good post. I love the pictures with the scriptures it brings out the content. Very good signs, some people think they are failing when they do these things. In all reality they are growing, good post indeed!

  2. YESSS. Striving for this all day erryday! Lord help me :3

  3. Mmmm good word Lenae. But you ARE radical!

  4. Yes Renee so true! You're always adding stuff I didn't even think of but giving me credit for it lol :)

  5. oh my gosh can i just say I had the most amazing dream and you starred in it real quick! Basically I was hanging out with you and your sister Rachel and it was just the most shenanigan-filled HILARIOUS DREAM EVER. Raven from That's So Raven was also present (?!!??) i actually remember laughing whilst dreaming. awks. :')

  6. Rachel just said, "Tell her that's pretty much every day life with us…so her dream could become a reality." Aaaannndddddd I have no idea what that means so my response is: lolololol what the heck? That is so funny. I love funny, fun dreams haha

  7. I love how you incorporate all of the memes and pictures in your blogs! This is definitely one of the most unique "Christian blogs" I have come across. Your blog is so fun yet so honest! Keep letting Him use you! God bless <3

  8. Awww thank you so much Senita! I truly appreciate you building me up in Christ. So much love lol :)