Tuesday, March 31, 2015

9 reasons to drop everything and go read your bible

Because if you're like me, you probably wont just listen to someone telling you what to do unless you have a real good reason. Or nine.

• • •

1. You could start a new habit. 

Don't they say it takes 21 days of repeating something for it to become a habit? If you start today, you will accomplish day-1 and you'll only have 20 days left to see if "they" are right.

2. You will get encouraged.

Believe it or not, God loves you and He wants to show you how much he loves you. So he filled His Word with a bunch of little secrets that reveal just how epic you really are.

3. You're not doing anything much more important.

I know you're a big deal. We just established that. But let's be honest, you had time to click this link so you probably weren't doing much other than sliding through your social media feed to see what your friends are up to. 

Besides, I could always save you some time and just tell you what your friends are doing. If you're on Facebook, someone is pregnant. If you're on Instagram someone is eating and someone else got a new hairstyle.

You're welcome.

4. You get to.

The bible is banned in some parts of the world. People can even be killed for spreading the gospel. But chances are, you are free to pull out your bible anywhere in public.

And though people may look at you like you just set off a bunch of explosives in an innocent coffee shop full of people...they still can't kill your for it.

Ok well at least they shouldn't. They probably won't. Hopefully. Don't quote me.

5. You need all the help you can get.

Life is confusing. Like I wore a t-shirt on Saturday, but it also snowed, confusing. Like I think I'm going to the right college but there are also 4,000 other schools that could also be right, confusing. 

Like when you understood the math professor in class, but the exam is not what you discussed confusing.  Like when people try to force you to grow up and actually become "responsible" confusing.

6. You will get peace.

With a million things on your mind, life can make you very, very anxious. God's Word provides peace to handle even the most stressful situations. 

7. You can hear from God about the big things. 

You know, like what His purpose for your life is, what it means to be a follower of Christ. Why He went to the cross and died for your sins and why on earth He has you here.

8. You can hear from God about the small things.

You know, like what you should be spending your time on and what goals you should set. What jobs you should apply for and what church you should attend. And unlike people, God never gets tired of you turning to Him for answers. 

Oh, and remember. Nothing is too small for God.

9. You will become a threat.

The bible basically arms you with every weapon you need to be a total threat. And because most people don't read the bible, you will be at a slight advantage.

Still not convinced? 
You could always try reading the newspaper instead.

But I cant make any promises.


  1. Good stuff. I totally love your voice in your writing style. You've got a crazy sense of humor. Love it. And the message was a good kick in the butt too. Thanks, sis. :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words S'ambrosia! You are so encouraging :)

  3. I'm convinced! In fact, I need to go read my Bible and have my morning Bible time right now. :) Thanks for sharing this motivation. :)

  4. Awww you're so welcome Robin :)

  5. Lol this, girl! I'll admit usually the only time I open mine is if I'm going through a really rough time. I would like to read it more. Very encouraging...I should make it a new habit. Thanks for the inspiration! Found you via Peony project! xo

  6. Wow, Chelsea! Your comment just really encouraged me! Thank you so much. This blog post couldn't nearly put into words what God reveals to you when you turn to His word. Let me know how it goes :)