Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 habits you had when you first got saved that you should consider picking back up

While this Christian walk is typically one that moves forward, I think it is safe to assume we all lose a little zeal along the way.

• • •

1. Being unashamed.

Because "Jesus Christ is the only way to God" and you didn't care who knew it or how crazy people thought you looked.

But now you realize, when everyone thinks you're crazy, it kind of hurts sometimes.

2. Being on fire.

Speaking of people thinking you are crazy, everyone had an opinion about you because you were sharing the gospel EVERYWHERE.

Now most people you meet don't even know you're a Christian.

3. Being bold.

While you were out evangelizing, people would try to prove to you that Jesus is not God, but you were so brave that you never even doubted.

You no longer stand up for what you believe.

4. Doing daily devotionals.

Because now you just pick up your bible and choose a book to study.

5. Understanding the fundamentals.

Because it is possible to forget things. It's always necessary to brush up on the basics.

6. Desperately seeking God.

Let's be honest, you spent most of your time trying to find Him.

And now that you've found Him, you've stopped looking.

7. Thinking Christians are cool.

They seemed so cool with their high standards and purity and whatnot.

But now you desire what the world has.

8. Talking to Jesus about the small things.

You took "I am friend of God" literally. Prayer was effortless because you just poured it all out.

Now you go to everyone, except God.

9. Memorizing bible verses.

Look at all these verses I memorized.

Now you just wing it.

10. Going to church.

Because somewhere along the way someone convinced you that "you are the church" and now getting off the couch on Sunday morning isn't really an option.


  1. I so love this. We as Christians should always be moving forward so I hope this encourages other believers to get back right with God! I love #6 and go girl for putting in hilarious gifs or whatever they're called haha. made me laugh! but seriously, these are so important.

  2. While I think that evangelism is important, I do think we need to be careful about how we evangelize. While I know that Christians tend to get into the mentality of "Well, if I can save someone, why should I care if I look crazy?" Sometimes, what we do "in the name of Jesus" actually pushes people further away.

  3. THISSSSSSS *raising the roof emoji* ALL OF IT. YES. Espesh #9. Just gotta do a quick Google search to get this verse correct. awks.

  4. Maybe you misunderstood "crazy" I am referring to the fact the world will HATE us for the sake of Jesus' name (Matthew 10:22.) A lot of things that Jesus did looked crazy to onlookers.

  5. ahhhh! The last one is totally me. Sep when we hold church at my house. Lol!

  6. Sophia Njure NathanFebruary 5, 2015 at 2:59 AM

    Wow! This is good...... Anytime a blog can show me my heart, I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is using you to reach out to me. Thank you Holly!

  7. Mannn Soph $$ that encourages me to seek God. It's like a cycle...mmm friendship?

  8. Amen! Seriously. What an excellent reminder. Can't lose that fire...